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H20 Aquariums was established in 1995. We specialize in Salt Water Marine and Corals, Cichlids, Tropical freshwater fish and Goldfish.

At H20 Aquariums we aim to give customers good sound advice on all aspects of fish keeping and supply good quality products that represent the best value for money.

** On purchasing a Complete setup which includes Aquarium-Hood-Cabinet or Magazine Stand you will receive 10% discount on all accessories.

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Our Fish

We have a large range of Marine fish in stock at all times and can get most fish available on request.

We keep a good selection of corals, so come on in & check them out. Live rock and base rock in stock as well.

We stock a complete range of Freshwater Tropical from Neons, Tetra's and Guppies to Cichlids large and small.

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Repairs/Custom Built Aquarium

If you have broken the front/back of your aquarium or the base, come in and see us and we will give you a quote to repair the damaged aquarium.  

We also can reseal your aquarium if the silicone is not sealing anymore. 

At H20 Aquariums we can Custom Build your Aquarium to your specific needs and requirements. We build mostly all the Aquariums on site at our shop and can advise you of all aspects of obtaining your new Aquarium.


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We can build your aquarium to your specific needs and requirements.